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Default What if we had waited for the offseason(Melo)?

So basically we would have been able to keep Gallo, Chandler not to mention be able to sign Melo and Chandler? Then possibly make a move for Paul or Dwight?

Anyways just imagine if we didn't rush for Melo like idiots..
PG: Felton
SG: FIelds
SF: Melo
PF: Amare
C: Chandler
6th- Gallo(virtually a starter)
7th- Chandler
Douglas, Shumpert...
Someone wouldn't be on the team since the salary doesn't match up but point is we would have been in a much better position right now.

Ugh.. I can only imagine Gallo in that 6th man role... But we needed to get the "hometown" kid to no avail..
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