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Originally Posted by brwnman
but lemme ask you, would you have capspace right now and joey graham, or capspace 2007, villanueva and graham...

Just so I am clear, what is the difference here? The Jalen Rose deal? Are you asking would I have liked to have done the Jalen deal or not?

I would have rather kept Rose and our second 1st rounder this year (could have been a number of solid players), and had the Cap space next season where there are way more big free agents and there won't be many teams able to pay. We still make the TJ Ford deal. We could have signed Parker with our MLE. We get a 2007 pick and have a boat load of cap space in 2007. That is my answer, you? Potentially we move Mo Pete mid season or let him walk. We have TJ/Parker/Bosh/Bargs/Rasho, a 2007 Lotto pick, $10+ mill in cap space to toss at a legit player (not unproven NBA talents). Of course we still have Graham, Tucker, Humphries, Calderon. But we also have that 2nd 2006 first rounder (pick 20). To me, that is a better situation then having Garbajosa and Fred Jones. Next year there are TONS of big free agents. Some will say BC wouldn't have come, but I disagree. He doesn't have tunnel vision and he could see the potential for 2007.

Not sure if I answered your question or not.

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