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Default Re: I'm not sure "Globabl Warming" is the right term for what we're experiencing, but:

northern europe's had a really early freeze this year. weird is right. though the average global temperatures between february and october of 2010 (or something like that) was warmer than its been in the last 150 years, so the global average remains consistent. i think.

i can't and don't claim to understand global climate models in any significant way, but i am smart enough to be reasonably certain in distinguishing moronic tall tales from fact backed theory, and it tickles (and simultaneously frustrates) my fancy to no end listening to the padded rhetoric that plagues partisan politics in the form of speeches, blogs, columns/articles, and the like. the fact that an issue like climate change, all important and all too frequently discussed, has taken such a nosedive in intelligent discourse, solely because of its illogical partisan division, really is one of the biggest headaches western politics have ever managed. it's just f*cked up to no end.

(no reference to anybody in this thread btw, just a general comment. though obviously there are ish personalities to which most of that would undoubtedly apply)

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