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Default Re: Buzz builds that Colts could take Griffin

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
Haha you have no life and f ucked up priorities. Your whole existence hinges on talking shit to people online. You're a n!gga that lives in the past, go listen to a diss track, middle aged t wat

Did he? Did he just call the Wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmbulance on me? Wow.

*sounds of a broken window*

*sounds of another broken window*

Wow you sure throw rocks in glass houses. Shame on ROCheadSteady for actually scolding someone for talkin sh!t online. He doesnt do such a thing.

It's the QB position dumbass, changes whole teams. Don't be scuurrred that WSH has a better option than shit for brains, brittle Mike Vick, who is approaching his mid 30's.

Its a rookie QB dumbass. Its also a rookie QB facing tough defenses in its own division nonetheless. A better option? RGIII hasnt proven he can spend his rookie season taking snaps under center and being successful yet and somehow he is a threat to Vick? Good one bro. By time Vick is on his way out of Philly, RGIII may be on his way to becoming something. For now? A rookie QB against the divisions defense is going to have an easier time winning. Makes not really.

Oh and it remains to be seen if RGIII isnt brittle himself given he has a similar frame as Vick. So be careful before you go around labeling people again ROChead,. Wouldnt want your future QB to carry that title.

It will be easier and easier to take his b!tch ass out of a game and it's already pretty easy

Thing is the Eagles dont have to wish for an injury in regards to RGIII. He'll turn the ball over when he throws. Enjoy the basement ROChead.
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