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I still live there, i just go to college about 2 hours west of there. It's not THAT great of a city but its the best you'll find in Ohio. If i have to live in the state I'm glad I live in Cleveland rather than some farm town (which is 99% of the rest of Ohio). Plus LeBron has made things a lot more interesting around here...people actually got pride in the city now

Cleveland is a good place to live, however under very special conditions. First, you must be a Browns fan. While the Browns suffer many losing seasons, the residents of Cleveland are among the most die-hard of all sports fans when it comes to their beloved yet mediocre Browns. If you love Rock-N-Roll, you have their Hall of Fame museum. Also, it's a large city with plenty to do, but it's not exactly the most attractive due to a huge urban environment (just like any other metropolis).

I will disagree when you claim Cleveland is the "best" you'll find in Ohio. I've been to most major OH cities, and I'd say Cincinnati is the best. Columbus is about as bad as it gets from many perspectives. You don't want to live in Dayton, Middletown or Springfield (these are pretty rough areas). Akron and Canton, nothing special except the Football Hall of Fame. Warren and Youngstown, forget about it (crime driven areas). I think the most ideal place to live would be somewhere like Toledo or Sandusky. Sandusky is home to the world's greatest amusement park (Cedar Point). Sandusky is only a 30-45 min drive from downtown Cleveland, and like Cleveland it's positioned beautifully on the waters of Lake Erie. Toledo is not too far from neighboring Cleveland, very close to Sandusky, and only an hour or less south of Detroit.

I'm glad I live in Cleveland rather than some farm town (which is 99% of the rest of Ohio).

Actually, while I've never lived in OH, I know a lot about it. Yes, there are very rural areas. However, OH is the only Rust-Belt state that didn't experience notable population losses. In fact, OH is the 7th highest populated state (which isn't bad considering only CA, TX, NY, FL, IL and PA have higher populations). The metropolitan areas of OH (Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati) have huge suburban regions, which account for much of the population of these areas. Outside of these areas you're right, you'll see rural towns and nothing more than that.

Oh, and in regards to the actual topic itself, I've been a fairly moderate fan of Bone Thugs, but after a certain point, you could surely see the quality in their music went sour. When they first hit the rap scene, it was like nothing anyone had ever heard before; which caused people to go bananas. No one had heard this mid-west sound accompanied by a flow that was unparalleled by anyone else. After a few albums, it was obvious they couldn't change their sound and create music that didn't sound exactly like the album or the hit single they had before that. Eventually, people lost interest, including myself.

You know in life, there's times when certain music is appropriate? See, for me I see Bone Thugs being played on some random day off from work or school, where no one's in the house and you can crank up your sh*t as loud as you want and just maybe sit on the couch or lay down to kill time and just listen to some old pre-East 1999 sh*t.
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