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Default Games with ridiculous difficulty

which are the most frustrating games you have ever played? which ones made you lose your nerves and yell like mad or throw your controller across the room?

You can mention any game from any age. As I am an old school gamer I will make my personal list with some from the 8-bit and 16-bit era and back to the present day as well

Castlevania (NES) - the first one in the series has one of the most annoying bosses of all time, the scythe, by the end of the game

Haunted Castle (arcade game) - this is the very first castlevania game, for arcade machines. the game was unfair and downright impossible to handle. only one life, slow controls and enemies impossible to avoid

Ghost and Goblins series: terrible controls, unforgiving checkpoints... terribly hard

Megaman 4 and after (NES) the first 3 were very hard but still manageable. Afterwards they even turned it up a notch

Devil May Cry 3 (PS2) - the "normal" mode on this one was like hard in most of games

my most recent frustrating experience: Bloodrayne:betrayal (PS3-XBOX) the game is a 2D hack and slash being very similar to Castlevania but with DMC attacks. The controls are very sloppy and imprecise whereas the game requires an EXTREME skill in order to progress. As a result, you will die like 100 times on each checkpoint. Checkpoints are abysmal, too.
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