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Default Re: Gores was at the game last night.

too late for moves, he'll want to evaluate the players, the finances etc. upon taking over. However, I'm very excited about the idea of Gores taking over. He has a very good chance to be Davison version 2.0. He has the money, business pedigree and passion to get it done. The Pistons aren't more than a move or 2 away from being on par with teams like Atlanta and Milwaukee.

A few I'd like to see

Rip or Prince for Kaman(stole this one from ESPN) - They need a veteran swing man with a little length and no longer need Kaman at his pricetag. We need a guy we can dump it in to down low.

Prince,Rip,Maxiell for Brand/Iggy - This one mgiht be hard to pull off, as the Sixers aer starting to click, but it saves them 50 mil or so and puts some better complimentary types around Jrue Holilday and Evan Turner. Collins is a huge Rip fan too. Owner would say yes, GM/HC probably say no.

Rip,Maxiell,1st for Zach Randolph. OJ MAyo has been benched and will likely be dealt for draft picks or something of the like. Rip could be the veteran piece they need to be a playoff team in Memphis. Tony Allen is not a starting SG IMO and if they aren't going to pay Randolph, better get smoething. Our pick should be decently high and rip can play still. No question why we need Zach, though he and Greg aren't great defensively.

Prince,1st for Nene - Melo would have to have been dealt, but if that has happened, they get a starting SF for the rest of the yaer and a solid first round pick for a guy who will probably leave. We can throw Summers in too or something like that.
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