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Default Re: Michael Vick can't even sell his house

I can't believe the Michael Vick situation. All this bull**** aside, I don't believe he deserved what he got. What he did was basically bring dogs back to their old nature of fighting for dominance, any animal did that before humans came along.

To think that so many celebrities get off easily, all of that anger from the public clearly built up inside them until they blasted that heat against Vick. "Oh no! You're not getting off like the other ones!" so he gets blasted for 2 years in prison for doing something COUNTLESS people do in your country.

Not only that, but regular civilians get away with little crimes like this, but he's Michael Vick and he's a big name so he naturally either gets off clean or gets too much. They are humans just like the rest of us, why should they get extreme punishment or no punishment?

And what, all because he's black?!? Now he can't even sell his house! lol
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