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Default Re: Michael Vick can't even sell his house

Originally Posted by boozehound
sure, but they dont keep them as pets. In Korea, they raise dogs to be eaten. and, frankly, Id be fine if Vick shot and ate dogs. Hell, even fine with a Mikey Vick's BBQ Dawgs all over the south.

What I do have an issue with (and I agree that its a cultural phenomena) is bady slamming a dog or cow or whatever to death, electrocuting an animal with jumpers, etc. You cant do that to a cow or a goat or bunny or horse or any of the other bullcrap slaughterhouse or racetrack or lab analogy.
You cant eat horse in the US either. are you all indignant about that?

Regardless of your cultural views, its illegal in the US to torture animals and to run gambling operations. Who cares if you agree or disagree, its against the law, he got caught and he paid for it. and if your gonna go crying for vick, how about the millions of other ex-cons with way worse job prospects and for lesser sentences than what he did? Never see yall fussing over that
I dont torture animals.
I do believe in eating them.
Having them as a pet.
Using them as a tool to fight crime.
Making belts and boots.
Seeing them in zoo's, circuses, and race tracks.
Plumping em for show.
And for clinical testing.

Funny how you brought up the law and said its illegal all I was talking about is how people see differently than the US.

Are you against cock fighting?

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