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Default Nba Forum - Durant Over Oden

Hey guys, there's a thread over in the NBA Forum titled something like:

Where would the Blazers be if they had taken Kevin Durant #1 overall?

I realize it's a moot point, but some of the posts and Durant-haters make for some interesting reading. Here's my post:

While I was disappointed by Oden's injury, I still think we made the right choice by taking Oden over Durant. However, I am NOT a Durant hater...he did shoot a lot, but come on, can you imagine the pressure on a #2 overall pick to produce on a team with minimal leadership (from the players)...speaking of questionable drafting, what the heck was Seattle - I mean Clay Bennett's team thinking when they had Boston take Jeff Green at #5????? I would have taken Yi, Jianlian or Corey Brewer over Jeff Green - Yi would have been a better fit at PF or Center for them, while Brewer would have been a better option at SG...........
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