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Default Re: Nba Forum - Durant Over Oden

Originally Posted by blazerjimmy
Hey guys, there's a thread over in the NBA Forum titled something like:

Where would the Blazers be if they had taken Kevin Durant #1 overall?

I realize it's a moot point, but some of the posts and Durant-haters make for some interesting reading. Here's my post:

While I was disappointed by Oden's injury, I still think we made the right choice by taking Oden over Durant. However, I am NOT a Durant hater...he did shoot a lot, but come on, can you imagine the pressure on a #2 overall pick to produce on a team with minimal leadership (from the players)...speaking of questionable drafting, what the heck was Seattle - I mean Clay Bennett's team thinking when they had Boston take Jeff Green at #5????? I would have taken Yi, Jianlian or Corey Brewer over Jeff Green - Yi would have been a better fit at PF or Center for them, while Brewer would have been a better option at SG...........
I dont actually think Durrant should have been rookie of the year.His club was awful,he took more shots than Rambo,and missed as much as Rambo's opponents!!I think Portland made the right choice.Yi is totally overrated!I think Green is better.
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