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Default Re: Playing with people who can't play(dribble pass make a layup etc.)

Originally Posted by 01amberfirewv
I usually run the point and try to only give players the ball when they have a good shot or have an advantage on their defender. Even if the other team is more skilled I can still play to my advantages
Right, I understand. And I knew there was a chance we both just had different definitions of low level basketball players. Low level to me are the guys who 1) Don't want to move on offense 2) Camp on the arc despite being horrible shooters and 3) Have a low chance of scoring at the rim even with a clear advantage on their defender. Yes, it can be fun attacking the offensive boards when you know your teammate's going to clank any look they get, but I still prefer semi-knowledgeable ball players. At some point, setting the table for a teammate all game only to watch them muff open looks is not as fulfilling as one would be led to believe, even in victory.
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