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Default Re: "We will not be caught in no mans land" - Masai Ujiri

Originally Posted by Legends66NBA7
That's just ignorance on the players part. I guarantee if we free up cap space, we could lure a top player in the league. The only reason we haven't got a superstar from free agency is because we haven't had the advantage to do so or even attempted anywhere close to it.

Kevin Durant's contract is up 15-16. He's had talks about playing for Toronto like Wiggins has. Rudy Gay's contract is done the year before that. Why not pitch to get Durant and build around him through trades ?

You're right that our seeding in the draft doesn't help, but look at who the Raptors have missed since 1999:

99 12th pick - Aleksandar Radojević over Corey Maggette (13th pick)

01 19th pick - Michael Bradley over Zach Randolph (21st pick), Gerald Wallace (25th pick), Samuel Dalembert (26th pick), Tony Parker (28th pick). Lot of misses here.

04 8th pick - Rafael Ara˙jo over... you know the story.

05 7th pick - Charlie Villanueva over Andrew Bynum (10th pick)

05 15 pick - Joey Graham over Danny Granger (16 pick)

08 17 pick - Roy Hibbert gets traded for Jermaine O'Neal. A rare good pick the Raptors make and he gets shipped off. The Raptors center problems could have been solved twice by now.

10 13th pick - Ed Davis over Larry Sanders (15th pick), Eric Bledsoe (18th pick)

12 8th pick - Terrence Ross over Andre Drummond (9th pick).

Just looking over all of that, we could have 4 legit centers as good or better than Val currently is. So even though we get an 8-13 position, the Raptors haven't drafted smart. Infact, they took the wrong guy on several times a pick early. Even the Chris Bosh pick in hindsight was the wrong pick. What if the Raptors pick Wade and the big 3 ends up forming in Toronto ?

I think a culture change happens when you finally bring that huge superstar to the city. It happened to Miami when they traded for Shaq in 2004. Should they get a more established star right now ? Sure, I think Val and/or DeMar are on that path, if they continue to show strides in their play.

We didn't draft Hibbert, the Pacers drafted Hibbert . We traded away draft picks for O'Neil.

Being in the market that we are in I think we'll end up paying a guy like Joe Johnson for 20 mill.

We've had money in the past and how did that turn out? Nash refusing to sign taking less money to join LA and Landry Fields was the best thing we could get at 7 million

How about Hedo for five years. Five years for a player that was old, slow, and well past his prime.

Point is that it's not just the draft where this team screwed up, it's through sigings and trades by Colangelo as well. You could argue that the signings and trades have put this team in a worse situation for the future.

Now we haven't put ourselves in a position to get the top draft picks at all. Say what you want about our draft history, but the top talent is at the top of the draft and those are the players you need in this league. The top 5 is where the Raptors should be.

Besides the guys you named none of them are franchise players other than Parker. The franchise players are at the top of the draft.
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