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Default Re: Welcome Mr. Bayless

I see your point. I don't think Oden will get max unless he plays Shaq like in his first three years. Aldridge won't get max. Roy won't get max until probably his third extension (Rookie being his first, I could see his next contract about 4 years, 12 million a year then an extension half way through that contract to the max). Rudy won't get even close to 10 million a year and will probably get a 2-3 year deal in his second deal unless he somehow becomes the starting small forward. Not to mention, most the stars mentioned, their deals are up at the same time that the Blazer deals are so Outlaw and/or Webster (if still in Portland) would be fully developed by then and we can let the star walk or trade him a year prior or at the trade deadline for expirerers and draft picks.

I do see your point though. Also with bringing in Lowry you can keep Roy at shooting guard and have a better bench. You always say don't make the move unless it's an ungrade and last I checked, Sergio is an expirerer after this upcoming season and Lowry is a better all around player. Pick up Lowry and let Sergio walk.
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