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Originally Posted by amin89
does this offense work well against zone defenses?

I think so! There is actually a layer that addresses the different ways to modify your R&R Offense against zones. You still follow all the same principles, just slight modifications to each. Like cutting through gaps instead of to the basket after every pass, and cutting through and stopping at the short corner sometimes instead of filling all the way out to outside the 3, or having 2 post players in, etc. Also, the Pin & Skip, a layer of the R&R - although a layer that doesn't really follow with the building habits theme as it seems like more of a very simple, but effective, set - is great when facing a zone. Essentially, skip the ball, then have one of the weakside guards/posts screen down on the zone, and a shooter rotates up to get a skip pass back for an open shot, if zone closes out, you have guard/post who just screened posting up 1-on-1 or sometimes 1-on-0 if communication was sloppy.
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