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Default Re: Quicker on some days then others??

Originally Posted by Pushxx
1. Good meal + water 3 hours before playing
I had to quote this one more time. I often play basketball right after I get off of work. I don't usually drink very much water at work because the fountain is too cold and the sink water does not taste too great. Also, for whatever other reason, I just didn't feel like bringing in a bottle for work purposes - I'd just save one in my car for basketball.

Anyway, obviously, not drinking much at work would clearly leave me in need of water before I even do a single thing on the basketball court. As such, I decided to switch it up on Friday and tried drinking a ton while at work, maybe more than I thought I needed, prior to basketball. And as it so happens, I had my springiest day of basketball all year. I'm usually not a consistently emphatic two-foot dunker but suddenly they were going down (with two hands) with ease, alongside my regular dunk occurring with more authority.

To be clear, I've fallen for the placebo effect before. The first time I ever dunked on someone, I ate hot dogs an hour before the game, so for a while I thought whatever horribleness was inside hot dogs somehow amped me up. But I feel like the water experiment could be a stronger correlation. I'll continue hydrating and try to see what happens from here.
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