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Default Re: The 80s Team Tournament

In My Opinion this finals is gonna be much better than the 90's Finals.

Can you imagine the '95 Rockets vs '86 Celtics or '87 Lakers?? The Rockets would have no shot. The '96 Bulls were great but they would have big trouble containing the Celtics Frontcourt and the Lakers Fastbreak.

Anyways the '86 Celtics and '87 Lakers matchups should be....

'87 lakers D
Kareem / M. Thompson on Parish / Walton
Mychal Thompson / A.c. Green on McHale
Michael Cooper / Worthy on Bird
Scott on Ainge
Magic on DJ

'86 Celtics D
Parish/Walton on Kareem/M. Thompson
McHale on Green/M. Thompson
Bird on Worthy
Ainge on Scott
DJ on Magic

I expect this series to go 7 Games.
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