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Default Re: The 80s Team Tournament

Originally Posted by dejordan
imo the 96 bulls matched up pretty well against the lakers with scottie to cover magic and rodman to cover worthy. no real answer for kareem who was much more mobile and too much range on his hook for longley. better depth too. the 95 rockets might have been more trouble than you think too. the 86 rockets beat the lakers to make it to the finals (though there were some injuries) because the lakers just had no answer for hakeem on the boards. add clyde who had his share of big games against the lakers, and it becomes a contest. i think la wins either series, but it would at least be entertaining.

Yes, but the 95 Rockets didn't have Ralph Sampson. If the '86 Rockets have any edge over the '95 Rockets it is on the boards. If i remember correctly the Mid 90's Rockets wern't all that great on the boards. Especially in '95 when they traded Otis Thorpe (2nd best rebounder on the team) for old Drexler that still had something left in the tank. The '95 Rockets were actually outrebounded by 3 RPG in '95. The '87 Lakers didn't have a dominant rebounder but they had plenty of players who were solid on the boards. One is Mychal Thompson who wasn't a member of the lakers in '86 when they lost to the rockets. IMO the '94 Rockets were a better team than the '95 Rockets.
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