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Default Suspensions

Stern has had it and the suspensions are likely to be severe. Smith should only lose a game because he was essentially a victim. Robinson should be gone for the season and Melo for the playoffs. This will send a powerful message and Stern is all about messages. There is no stronger commissioner with consolidated power in professional sports. The league is hurting itself and the commissoner must let the players know players individually are not bigger than the league. Season tickets holders and avid fans such as I who subscribe to League Pass will stick it out, but this kind of stuff hurts the league with the casual viewer that is necessary for the league to justify its playoff price to the networks.
The street cred garnered by Robinson and Melo for fighting doesn't help recruit sky box and Gucci row customers.
I'm African-American, and yes its about race, image, money and even more so..common sense.
BTW, if the suspensions are severe for Denver, they will be do distracted to worry about a three-team Iverson trade...look for the Heat to make a move and prepare themselves to face Phoenix in June.
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