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Default NFL Safeties and Racial Profiling

i hear this every gameday, especially during preseason when backups are playing:

"he plays hard every play"
"he's always in position to make a play, but not flashy"
"he's like a QB on defense"
"he understands the game like a coach"
"he's a heady player"
"not fast, but there's no false steps to his game"

now, the above are all things you hear about white players. when they always say these things, they imply that the black players are dumb, undisciplined, lazy or ill-prepared, but athletically superior.
if i was a black safety who played a very sharp game but never got praised for my astute play, i'd be very offended.
i know all of our tribes are not exactly the same, but football commentators don't even try to praise the heady playmaking of black players compared to how often they talk about the smart white guy on the field.
no one ever discusses it. they just go on and on about the smart white players and the not-so-smart, athletic black players--but not blatantly saying it. it's just funny that, of all the places in society, racial stereotypes are open front and center in the nfl. you can see it, but don't dare talk about it.

do you think there are blatant stereotypes in the nfl? or, does everyone always get the praise and criticism they deserve?
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