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Default Re: North Korea posts a video of there missle destroying NYC

i really think it's nothing more than an internal "rally the crowd" thing. they're using this propaganda as an excuse to pretend their leader is someone who's fearless and not afraid to back down to the US. but it's just an internal agenda to keep the people forever brainwashed. then the government controlled media paints him as a valiant hero. and then he stays in power for the rest of his life while the whole country rots to death.

but in reality, kim jong un is probably the biggest chicken sh!it in the world. talking up a big game but not daring to ever make a serious move. i just don't see why people take him so seriously. he's like a funny cartoon character.

serious powers do NOT announce their plans of attacks if they have true capabilities and desires. take the soviets during the cold war era. they kept all their technology secretive. they didn't need to talk a big game to hide that they had nothing because they had the real deal, testing nuclear destruction and blowing up giant mushrooms across oceans. same with the US hiding its technology and plans because true predators don't announce they arrival when they plan to hunt a prey. they talk down everything that they have while secretly stock up weaponry. that's exactly what israel is doing. (don't ban me, jeff )

north korea is the opposte. just all talk because they have jack. so they finally sent something out to space (they're about 50-60 years behind in the space race, by the way), so they're using that fake momentum to deceive their own people that they're more advanced than they really are. but they got nothing. their leaders know it, the world knows it, but their people don't know it. and north korea knows the US will only attack and bury them if north korea makes the first dumb move. but the US won't just go there randomly and take them out first because north korea is not an interesting target like the middle east -- they have no oil. their resources are so broke they don't even have enough food... but kim jong un, that chicken shit, will never make the first dumb move neither because he knows he has nothing and that north korea will be an instant goner overnight in any military confrontation, so all he'll dare to do is talk and lie to his people, pretending that he's standing up for all of them. the result is that he stays in power forever and his brainwashed citizens continue worshipping their false leader who they think is protecting them, even though their whole country is sent back another 50 years.

kim jong un's biggest threat is not the US. his biggest threat is that one day the whole country wakes up and realizes they've been f--ked so hard by him, his dad, and granddad, so they all take him out and end communism. one of the ways to suppress that fear is to create a false sense of hero-ship and fooling the people to believe they have a great brave leader and strong government.

kim jong un's goal is to stay in power for as long as possible, not to be wiped out overnight. going to an actual war with the US = that's getting wiped out overnight. but telling lies to the people that they're strong, powerful, and advanced, and ready to fight the US while sparking fake nationalism = that's staying in power. i don't really think kim jong un is as stupid as everyone makes him out to be. he's just a funny attention-seeking cartoon troll character.

and that video... has the be the gayest thing i've ever seen. "we are the world" music?? lololol

oh, the comedy. everytime north korea makes any kind of threat, i just think. "okay. whatever, son."

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