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Default Why is Air Alert bad for you? GOOD READ

I found a great article on Air Alert, especially since a lot of members including myself and others have gotten into various arguments on why Air Alert is bad for you. Some have agreed with me and some haven't.

"Why do people do Air Alert?
A lot of people do Air Alert (especially the teenagers) don't have access to the weight room, and the first thing that comes in their mind is, "Air Alert." The program is an one size fits all program, and the exercises are easily accepted by people of all ages. Instead of spending some time with a program like the Vertical Jump Bible (VJB) that analyzes your athletic ability (whether you can squat 1.5x your body weight etc)

Why is Air Alert bad for you?

1. The volume on Air Alert is simply way too much! There is a high chance that you will get injuries (Jumpers knee, shin splints, the list goes on), which has been proven by various members on Elite Athletic Training and also other training forums.

2. Am I doing the same weight lifting routine as a world-class basketball player? Of course not, the routine was specifically tailored for that specific player. Air Alert is an one size fit all program, and vertical..."

Whole article @
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