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Default Re: Why is Air Alert bad for you? GOOD READ

Originally Posted by emsteez forreal
i don't really get it because i did air alert and never messed up my knees . i mean my knees hurt but hey i play ball everyday so that's probably why . it is fishy though that AA3 is a "one size fits all" deal .

Did you not read this?

4. The last argument that always comes out from the people defending Air Alert is, I got gains and I didn't get hurt one bit! Again, all humans are built differently. For the ones that didn't get hurt, they probably were already physically advanced, so no injuries for them. Sure, you will get some 'gains' because high reps will still get you some strength, but is mainly training for muscular endurance. Imagine if you were doing a program like Vertical Jump Bible which has a proper rep/set ratio. You would be getting MUCH better gains!
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