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Default Re: Lance Stephenson

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski
I think the complete opposite. If anything he's shed a bit of that primadonna ego, he's seemed pretty coachable at Cinci.

Anyway, there were reports he's staying at Cinci for his soph seasons a month or so ago but I don't think any of them actually quoted him.

I think Im going to stay and keep working, Stephenson said. I dont think Ive had an NBA season this year so the best choice for me is to stay.

In high school, I was the man, Stephenson said. I could do everything on the court. I stayed on the court and never came out. Now we have players like me, just as good that can do what I do. I dont think its difficult. It just hasnt been flowing the way it usually is.

Those were his quotes. And I agree he's definitely become a bit more humble.
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