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Default Re: Why aren't there any good Greece players in the NBA?

Originally Posted by Euroleague
I never said he was not considered Serbian. The problem is the claim that he is not considered Greek. Because he is considered Greek. It's a simple fact.

And then why is Parker French if his father is American and he was born in Belgium? Why did Ewing, Wilkins, Olajuwon, Kyrie Irving, Boozer, etc. all play for Team USA when they were all born in foreign countries?

It's completely and totally irrelevant to whether or not he is Greek. Because it is a fact that he is Greek, since he is a Greek citizen and has lived in Greece since he was 16 years old.

Believe it or not, he can be both Serbian and Greek. He's a Greek of Serb descent, and anyone claiming otherwise is simply wrong.

He would not have served in the Greek military if he was not Greek, married a Greek woman, had kids born in Greece, learned to read and write the language, still live there to this day, etc. There isn't even a valid debate here.

BTW, he already said that if his kids ever played basketball for a national team, it would be for Greece and not Serbia.
Give me a link or I wont belive anything you said . If he wanted to play for Greek NT why didnt they allow him to play ? He was best shooter in the world and they didnt want him ?? And I dont think Parker should play for France NT because he isnt from France and his parents are not from France too . For others I dont know are their parents americans if they arent then these players shouldnt be consideret as Americans and shouldnt play for USA NT .

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