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Default Re: Who Will Be The 1st Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft

Originally Posted by DukeDelonte13
I'm a bridgewater guy for the Browns but I'll be shocked if there is a scenario where they could land him. If they trade up for Manziel i won't be as angry because at least it would be an entertaining storyline. Bortles is solid but he doesn't really excite me.

I think if Bridgewater isn't available Browns should take Watkins at 4 and take a QB to play behind hoyer in the later rounds.

I think Watkins is the real deal, and throwing him out there with Josh Gordon is really going to make things easier for Hoyer.

The latter just makes a world of sense to me. Now who you draft at QB with the next pick? Unsure how you rate them. But Watkins/Gordon/Jordan is a scary trio. And going a season with Hoyer and a rookie behind him I dont find to be a bad thing.
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