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Default Re: Who Will Be The 1st Pick in the 2014 NFL Draft

Fellas, I just really don't see how Manziel is a worthy number 1 overall pick. I feel like if you have your pick of any eligible player at are sitting at the top, you have to go with a high caliber player where not too many questions are present at draft time. you simply cannot get a dud with the top spot. I don't think Johnny will be a 'dud' but I really don't see his game translating to being a top QB in the league. Taking someone #1 overall, a guy who will instantly become a face of the franchise at the QB position, is risky territory. The frenzy for him to come in and be a winner Week 1 will be intense, esp for a dude who is well known to the casual sports fan.

With Manziel, the uncanny playmaking abilities are certainly there but there are just too many question marks in relation to his build, decision making and so forth. Number 1 guys should have very little you can question or criticize moving into the NFL and this just doesn't seem to be the case with Manziel.

God help him if a team would trade up to #1 and take Manziel. The pressure to start right away would just be intense and it would be an erroneous move imo. I think Manziel is a guy that would be better served going in with a franchise that doesn't have to lean on him heavily right when he gets there. Him trying to do too much too early could be damaging. A lot of his tricks in college won't go over the same in the League where LBs are more athletic across the board.

He plays with a little bit too much impulse and for him, learning the NFL game with some patience will be beneficial as he can apply his abilities after studying the differences that complex defense can show him.

Overall, I just don't see it a good move for a team to take him over any other player on the board. HOU needs a top QB, yes, but they have enough good players to play tough and bide some time until O'Brien finds his surefire guy. For a team to trade up to 1 and take JM would be a major risk. To trade up at that cost for a guy with legit concerns is recipe for disaster. It's not too often you get your pick of the litter

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