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Default NBA’s one-and-done rule draws mixed reviews

Under terms of the collective bargaining agreement, the NBA allows athletes who are at least one year removed from high school graduation to join its league as early entry draft candidates. But before he retired in February following a 30-year term as NBA commissioner, David Stern attempted to get the National Basketball Players Association to agree that no one can play in the NBA until he’s at least 20 years old.

The issue of one-and-done players can be a contentious bargaining chip if either side opts out of the current CBA in 2017.

“My opinion, in an ideal world, is for guys to have the maturation of a college experience, and I think it’s better for the college product and better for our product if we get players that are more developed and older,” Nelson said. “That being said, there’s always the unique case that has to be addressed."

-- Fort Worth Star-Telegram
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