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Default Re: OCK team name NOT Thunder?

Originally Posted by malkahc
Black people(Im black myself), Hispanics(mainly mexicans,guatlans and small amout of puerto rican), Indians(india), Iranian(meet alot of those)Native Americans oh and white people(which thats the only race people think is here this isn't Utah!!!!!!

Gangs Crips,Bloods,Surenos(mexican gang of the nation).
Sports is really big here thats why we're getting a team.

You'll only see Cowboy if you went to a nobody town in oklahoma. and we dont' have ascents just your normal American acsent.

Also we don't have hicks(havent seen any) here, just because we're next Texas doesn't mean anything. Cowboys yes in some areas.

Oklahoma is all about kindness and growth. People dislike us simply because they know nothing about us just because they saw Footloose and Saving Grace(great show but bad image for the state cus its more like TX and Mempis)they all of OK is like that! theres not that much racism here either.

Only reason i wrote this cus the sterotypes are out of control.

I know you mean well, but a lot of okies do have accents and there are definately hicks. Not that that is a bad thing. If you get out of the metro areas you will see them. I work in the oilfield and trust me there are hicks
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