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Default Re: Keith Bogans has scored...

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I'll give him credit for stepping up as of late and being more of a contributor, but in my eyes the fact remains that he is surely our weakest link and if we can upgrade the SG spot (which ultimately we absolutely have to if we want to seriously contend) than why not?

But I will admit that if we have to give up any of our main guys in order to do it this current season than I would pass. We have a good group of guys here and we shouldn't break it up unless its really worth it.

The offseason will bring us a great oppurtunity to upgrade without substracting what we have now whether it be through free agents or the draft.

Will have options and the front office along with the coaching staff will be able to step back and see exactly what would be a great inclusion into our core.

Just some quick ideas on my end even though I know its a while away and that we have a great current season going on now to focus on.

Guys I would target:

Draft- Jordan Hamilton, Alec Burks, LaceDarius Dunn, Malcolm Lee, Demetri McCamey.

Feel like we need a SG or a combo type of guy that can play both guard spots. A backup PG wouldn't hurt either since Watson can play some 2.

Free Agents- Jason Richardson, Nick Young, JR Smith, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Marcus Thornton.

My question to you is who exactly do you consider as a "main guy"?
Do you consider a guy like Omar Asik as one? IMO, he is not esp with Kurt Thomas proving that he can still hang and provide very decent quality minutes, starting and battling against the best after Noah started to miss games.
Im not saying Omar has no future and is not a decent player with no potential but when Noah comes back, he is their 3rd center in line.
In the playoffs, Noah is projected to play about 34 -38 mins, with Kurt backing him up. If Noah gets in foul trouble Kurt can hold the fort for as long as 28-36 mins and if too gets in foul trouble, Boozer has the bulk while Taj has this long wingspan to match up for as long as 12 mins until Kurt and Noah gets back in the 2nd half.
Ideally for me, I would not give up Asik but if you are gaining a very good defensive minded SG who can hit the 3pt shots like Courtney Lee esp his experience with Orlando in the finals, then I would have to do it. I'll offer 2 draft picks first and JJ then....
Those college players you mentioned looks good, but who knows really if they can contribute right away. Boozer and Deng are not getting any younger and in 2 yrs their skills will erode and the window would soon close. This is a great opportunity to plug the hole and REALLY CONTEND this year.
But hey as long as they are consulting Thibs about this and if he truly believes they can win with the current lineup then so be it.
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