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Default Re: Jim Calhoun to announce retirement

A lot of the very best kids will play on more than one team by the way.

They may play for their church, then get cherry picked onto one of the premier travel AAU teams, and then they'll play based on who's going to the better tournaments on a given weekend. It's something I don't really care for. I'd say I wouldn't allow it on my team, but frankly our suburban white kids, who are actually pretty damn good, aren't the type that are being headhunted for very often, so it's not something I've run into much. I did have one 6-8 kid who was on my team but left to join an AAU squad. He was terrible, and I tried to get him to stay by pointing out that I had a lot more practice time and could actually improve him, but it didn't work.

The advantage of the AAU scene is more visability and better comp overall. The CYO scene generally has more practice time available because we're playing out of schools and have more access to the gyms.
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