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Default Re: Which QB's Legacy would benefit the most from winning a ring

Aaron Rodgers: Enters the "Greatest QB ever?" debate at a relatively young age.
Christian Ponder: Establishes himself as the Vikings' QB long-term. Currently the jury is still out.
Tom Brady: Has a weak GOAT QB argument. Another SB ring gives him a strong argument.
Peyton Manning: Same as Brady
Russell Wilson: Would...make a ton of money off the field. Not enough to make him considered "elite" but he would cement himself as the Seahawk QB even with a few years of struggling afterward.
RG3: Would become the top marketing star in the NFL. He could be seen as elite but it's hard to give a guy that status after one year.
Matt Shaub: Possibly the least-known good QB, a SB makes him a superstar.
Joe Flacco: He currently needs some vindication and this would give him that. Still not elite but he'd get to be the Ravens' QB his whole career.
Colin Kaepernick: No one would mention Alex Smith in SF again.
Andy Dalton: Same as Wilson
Andrew Luck: Same as Griffin
Matt Ryan: Career enters an HOF trajectory.
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