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Default Re: Zion Williamson commits to Duke!!

Originally Posted by Jailblazers7
It would be wonderful to see Coach K have a recruiting scandal right before he finally retires. It won't happen but is live every second of it. No coincidence that Duke starts getting to recruits right after Jeff Capel became an assistant coach.

Its not sustainable though.

I see it at UK now, and its just now starting to catch up to Duke.

3 and 4 year guys don't stay around cause they're going to be constantly recruited over, so then you have to (almost literally) refill your roster every single season.

Even high rated guys who came in as freshmen that may not do well their initial season, for whatever reason, decide to transfer out after their second year because they're not going to get any playing time over stud freshmen.

But really, look at Duke... after Bagley, they're SUPER thin. There's no depth. That's how it is at UK now, too.

Teams like Nova recruit 3* players but spend four years grooming them to be contributors.
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