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Originally Posted by KiiiiNG
curry's sole purpose out there is to shoot the ball well and for over half the series he shot like kobe in 2004 finals.

sorry, but, ya know, that's not gonna cut it. especially when you can't really do much else. its not like hes a leader or anything either.... which is why iggy stepped up in that role and stole the fmvp.

curry's one dimensional game was really exposed in the finals. its really a major fluke he got the mvp award and an even bigger fluke golden state won the championship this year.

not taking anything away from them, they won a ton of games. but they don't really feel like worthy champs to me. this season overall was a major, MAJOR letdown in terms of excitement.

i think not having KD or goatbrook in the playoffs this year really affected the product. those two guys are so ****ing talented and competitive it really makes for compelling basketball. and not having them around proved once and for all that they are the most exciting duo in the history of sports.

For all the talk of LeBron supposedly making his teammates better, Curry makes his teammates better to a far greater extent. LeBron had a 40%+ usage rate with a 5 foot cushion with isolation, 1 on 1 coverage the entire series and he shot 39% from the field and 28% outside 5 feet because his jumper is broken. Not to mention 68% from the FT line. If you play a guy like Curry like that, he'll go off for nearly 50 a night. LeBron's offensive skill set is usually limited to bulldozing and streaky 3 point shooting. If neither one of those is happening then

Curry was doubled HARD off the Pick and Roll to the point where Mozgov and Tristan T were at times like 35 feet away from the basket. This thoroughly broke down the Cavs D and created a far more efficient Warriors offense. There's a reason why Green, Iggy, Barnes and Klay etc. had wide open shots and driving lanes to the basket throughout the series.

But nobody seems to give Curry credit for creating the Warriors offense. He probably had more hockey assists than points. Delly actually defended Curry about as well you could fighting through screens and he still got torched outside of game 2. I'm honestly shocked he didn't even receive a single FMVP vote. (Further showing how useless the award is) They gave it to Iggy basically because he defended LeBron so well and the Warriors looked a lot better with him in the starting line up. But without Curry's scoring and running, the Warriors offense where he was creating open looks for Barnes, Iggy, and Green, the Warriors would've been dead. He became content that he would be double teamed and traped most of the nigh, so he spread that ball around well causing the Cavs to get out of defensive balance and the rest of his team thrived. When the game got a little close and Steph saw daylight he hit them up for two crucial threes followed by an assist for another three which effectively broke the Cavaliers back.
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