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Default Re: its official: dont count on a win if your name is Cool

Originally Posted by gts
hmm i wonder who the player is??? lets see i can say it's not Kobe, or Lamar, kwame seems to be in there trying luke had a bad game but i wouldn't consider or imagine him a turiaf no he's too animated even on the bench... farmar nope he's playing is bad but nobody runs around that much if they gave up vladrad didn't play or mckie...

bynum? nah karrem would kick his butt
evans? no i don't think so
williams certainly fought pretty hard

i'm saying it's cook or smush

i personally think that we gave it our absolute best in game 4 which is why i wasn't as disappointed as i normally am. we were just beaten by a better team.

Cook played hard i must say, he was playing hard on the inside which means he was obviously listening to his coach.

smush was smush. dickhead
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