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Default Re: If the Lakers get Dwight Howard

Originally Posted by lakersNUMBA1
That's what "he says." but in all honesty, he LOVES L.A. I mean who wouldn't? I believe he just wants more money, in which he will most likely get IF he STAYS with the Lakers.

So all in all, I guess we're going to have to see what kind of year Drew has, and if he does a heck of a job, he will most likely get a 5 year extension with more pay!

He might stay, but not through signing an extension. Players like going through the free agency process. They like talking to other teams and entertain the thought of what their role would be. Then they like to hear what is in it for them. Why should they join...etc.

There's nothing wrong with a player doing that. If Bynum wants to stay, he will get more money than other teams offer him. Like everyone else though, he just wants to experience it.

I'll never forget when Kobe was talking with the clippers. He actually convinced the entire franchise that if he'd signed with them, to go play some games at the pond in Anahiem. Its all fun for these guys to just talk.

And yes, I would agree that he'd command a 5 year contract.
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