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Default Re: If the Lakers get Dwight Howard

Originally Posted by magicmanfan

Did you just say Bynum has the potential to be better than Dwight?

I have believed for many years now that Dwight is the ONLY player in
the league that can be better than LeBron..... He already is the DPY,
get him some offensive moves and countermoves, and he could be both
the DPY and MVP... I just don't see Drew doing that.....ever.

Dwight will never get better.....not going to happen, he has been in the league for 8 years......8 healthy years. If he was going to improve he would've shown signs by now, the flaws he had 5 years ago are still flaws, he has done nothing to change, he's considered the best center and is complacent with it, unlike Kobe who has worked to get better every year. Face it, the guy is full of himself and it is his daily goal to get his @ss kissed.
My biggest concern is that he has been the #1 guy on his team, gets the most shots, is the focal point/go to guy and has averaged 20+ points only 4 of 8 seasons with a high of 22.9, a 2nd high of 20.7.
What is going to happen if he is the 2nd or 3rd option.....will his numbers go down, will he cry because he's not getting the ball enough???
The flip side of course is that on a Lakers team he would be tough to double team so maybe things will be easier......hard to say how things will play out. A single game high of 45 points, a single game high of 26 rebounds.......compared to 42 points, 30 rebound highs for Bynum.
can Bynum be better than question about it.
Looking at this it seems idiotic that we are even considering Dwight....even worse that there is baggage to go with it.
The only thing that makes sense is that Bynum doesn't like Mike Brown and has yet to show any form of maturity.

Let's just keep Bynum and call it a day.

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