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Default Re: Wizards Coach Flip Saunders fired

Originally Posted by JMT
No coach wins without players. For his first couple seasons, Gugliotta was the 'go to' guy on those T'Wolves teams. Then KG and Starbury. Then KG and Brandon. KG was a star, but there was nothing about those teams that made them automatic winners. Poor depth and guys that, aside from KG, never delivered big at any other stop in their careers.

The stacked Pistons team won 10 more games with him than they did the year before with Larry Brown.

Great coaches get the most out of players, have good offensive and defensive schemes (or at least get assistants who do), can manage their egos, team delivers better out of time-outs, etc.

Flip does none of those things well. I was watching him for over a decade, he is bellow average coach. Even Mike Brown is better, who can only do one thing well - defense, nothing else.

What concerns Pistons, Larry won championship in one of the greatest overachievements in NBA history in '04, in '05 he was in the Finals again. Flip took over after that, and outside of winning more games in the regular season, can you say anything good about those Pistons teams? No championships, no Finals. Mike Brown was also winning a lot of Regular season games (more like Lebron was), it didnt mean squat in the Playoffs.
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