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Default Re: Potential Trade Crowder/Smart/Bradley

Smart (4.4, would be owed a qualifying offer to maintain the RFA) has the highest pedigree of the group. A top 5 pick still on his rookie deal, and you get to keep him through Restricted FA for a year. We've seen RFA really thwart money for a year lately. Probably especially next year with more teams squeezed by the cap. These guys have also shown good potential for sign and trade.
One particular value for Smart is that he might be better than he's looked (and he's looked pretty damn good). He's made a ton of winning plays for the C's in his time here, in spite of being extremely frustrating because of his shooting, but he's also rarely been put in a position of his strengths. He's probably best with ball in his hands, and that hasn't really happened that much. In fact, his best spot seems to be as a weird mismatch post up player against smaller guards, and on the right team, he could probably be extra valuable. He's also probably the best defender of the three, who are all good defenders. He doesn't have the hardware Bradley does, but he's among the most versatile defenders in the league, with more and more appeal in switch happy systems.
He's got more fit issues than Bradley. With Hayward in place (and presumably bigger roles for Brown, and particularly Tatum), one of the assets Smart bought to the table was creation with the ball (often out of the post), but those guys are going to be taking up some of that usage I would think.
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