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Default Re: Potential Trade Crowder/Smart/Bradley

The last piece, Crowder (6.7, 7.3, 7.8), is maybe the toughest to figure out. He's now got a ton of depth at his position. However he does have the best contract moving forward. He also has the best contract, and among the best contracts in the league. I would argue, moving forward with all the money committed, and presumably with IT getting a huge extension, a player on that good of a contract would be more valuable for roster building, then having to extend either of the other guys. This is a little counter-intuitive, because he does make the most money at the moment. He also is the biggest of the bunch, by a fair stretch, on a team for which that really matters. As the roster stands now, Iíd argue he should be starting at PF on opening night, with IT, Bradley, Hayward, and Horford at Center. Thatís a small ball lineup with more shooting, better defense, and more creation, then what we got last year. It also frees up more minutes at the other spots for the younger guys. And one of the things I like about this roster is the flexibility, because I donít think itís unlikely to see Hayward move to SG, Crowder to SF, Horford at C, and Zizec at Center. Thatís also much different than last year.
On the negative side, it seems like Crowder is beginning to regress. Heís also a pain in the ass. He didnít react well to the fansí interest in Hayward, and probably wonít be thrilled with an altered role. I would say that type of stuff is why you pay for a great coach, to deal with that sort of stuff, but itís still a factor.
A big plus though is hat contract may make get the most back. Thatís a huge bargain for any team, to get a starting level player at less than 8M per for the next three years.
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