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Default Re: Potential Trade Crowder/Smart/Bradley

The other factor is what the team needs, and what’s out there in terms of assets from teams that might actually need or want these guys. Smart would make sense for a lot of teams, as that RFA tag and his youth and high pedigree means he could fit on a younger roster. Bradley to me fits more with a contender. He’d be a great fit on a team with ball dominant backcourt guys who aren’t plus defenders, where he can guard PGs. Smart is also a good fit on that type of team, and moreso on offense, where he’s not really a pure point, but can take advantage of mismatches. Crowder’s deal seems like it’d fit anywhere.
From the C’s side, they could really use another big. It’d be nice if he still had some upside, but he’s gotta be cheap, so you’re probably looking for someone on a rookie deal still. Teams aren’t want to part with the guys, so you’d probably want to target someone who’s been a disappointment, or has turned out not to be a great fit for whatever reason (like a change in team philosophy since the player was drafted). That’s hard to find.
One guys I think could maybe be gotten is Frank Kaminsky. Charlotte seemed to figure something out with Cody Zeller last year, and now they’ve added Dwight Howard. Kaminsky is 2.8 and 3.6 team option. Either Crowder or Bradley would give the C’s the space they need. Smart wouldn’t quite get there. I’d Monk and Kemba, I’m not sure either of the guards would really work for them anyway. And Crowder feels like he’d fit well among Batum, Kidd-Gilchrist, and Marvin Williams.
Henry Ellensen probably still has too much upside.
The Clippers have young bigs like Harrell, Brice Johnson, or even Liggins, but they’ve been trying to get away from cap too.
All three guys would be good fits for OKC, especially the guards, who can both defend the hell out of PG, while excelling while Westbrook dominates the ball. Bradley could make sense there if they’re chasing one year to try and convince George to stay. He’s probably the best fit. They don’t have much though. Jerami Grant at 1.5, but they may like him. McDermott would work money wise, but probably not for Boston. Josh Huestis fits dollars.
Portland has pieces that fit, but they’re pushing the cap too. They have a glut of young bigs who would work.
Sacramento has some cap fodder it could probably use seeing it as picking up an asset. Anthony Tolliver at 2M. Maybe they’ve gone past Malachi Richardson with their new additions.
New Orleans has to be trying to push, and giving up some minimum guy like Cheick Diallo might be worth any of those pieces.
Bradley and Crowder both feel like Spurs players. And they have some cheap deals on their roster. David Bertans probably the best. Kyle Anderson has been in a rotation.

There’s other names that really just cap fodder, which other teams would probably just see as an asset gain by getting a year of Bradley.

And things get really complicated if you package a couple of them, and potentially a pick. Would Smart/Crowder and Memphis 2019 1st, or the C’s own 2018 1st , get you Bobby Portis?

There’s a lot going on here.
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