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Default Re: Even at the age of 6 years old...we are still athletically superior

Originally Posted by aj1987
From the article you cited:

"Researchers examined the postmortem brains of four male athletes ages 17-18..."

Also, unless I'm completely misunderstanding your source, those brains were obtained from kids who passed away a day to four months. I wonder what their actual injuries were.

CTE develops over time. It requires repeated hits over time of both a concusive and subconcussive nature for brains to have and show the plaque buildup.

"The risk of actual injury for both tackle and flag football is a whopping 0.27%."

We don't reliably measure sub concussive hits as injuries because they don't present as injuries on the field. The damage from those sorts of hits isn't perceptible, and they add up over time.
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