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Default Re: Whats The New Heat Starting Lineup ???

Haslem is 6'8. He has no business at center, never has/never will.

That's an awfully small team right there.

Banks - 6'2
Wade - 6'4
Marion - 6'7
Beasley - 6'8
Haslem - 6'8

I don't think the Heat are done yet, they're still gonna make some noise - well they would if they were smart. They're a good C, and another option at PG away from making their way back to the playoffs.

Until they make a move, this team is thin. The bench sucks, they have multiple holes in the lineup - Banks - Undersized, not a great number one option for your point on a good team... No center that's starter quality, Mourning isn't coming back until December or January is what they're saying now, and it might not even be for the Heat... and as good as Michael Beasley might be, he's still a rookie, and needs experience, a rookie's a rookie, unless we're talking a Shaq, Jordan, Duncan, LeBron kinda guy. Even Kobe and Garnett needed a few years to develop. And the bench is weak, I don't care what anyone says, that bench is weak.

This lineup could maybe get you 35 wins next year. I don't care how good you guys say Marion is, he has never been a winner, for years he was on a losing Phoenix team as a second fiddle to several great players, but it wasn't until he was paired with Nash, Amare and other great roleplayers around him that his team was a winner, the team was stacked, and it wasn't necessarily because of him that they were great. You know what that shows? He needs a great passing point guard, but he also needs a complete lineup to win. Wade isn't that great passing PG, and this team isn't stacked. Marion is expendable, and isn't winning this team games, he isn't your Scottie Pippen, and I'm pretty sure I've heard his name in a few rumors. This lineup has too many holes.


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