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Default Re: Most 2009 NBA draft prospects are scrubs...

Originally Posted by WhySoInsecure?
If we draft Curry i will crucify Walsh. I can already picture him pulling the "Reggie" card like he did last year with Danilo. He already passed up on Lopez, Gordon and DJ for a role player.

Curry is a volume shooter and won't get to put up 20 shots like he did in college. Will never be Mo because he's built like a little girl and doesn't have the quickness to get to the rim and finish.
I'd much rather have Flynn, Clark or Henderson. And i wouldn't get mad if we went with Derozan

Mo's strength was never driving to the basket. He's best as a shooter off the dribble or spot up... and that's what Curry does best. His defense will need work just like most rooks.

The Knicks have no real isolation scorers... he'd be a good fit there. The only guys on the Knicks that can create their own shot are Harrington & Robinson... both of which may not be there in 2010. I don't think Curry will ever be a go-to first option like AI was, but he will make a good second option on a team with a superstar like LeBron. And with LeBron being a fan of Curry's game... as a Knick fan, you should be hoping they draft him.
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