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Default Baron Davis starts 2010-11 season out of shape

"Is Baron a bad role model for this group?'' I ask the coach. "No, I don't think he's a bad role model,'' Vinny Del Negro says before going on to paint a picture of a bad role model. "I just think Baron knows he was behind in his conditioning. That causes a lot of problems for everybody, for Baron, for the team, for everyone involved. So he needs to be a leader and a catalyst for this team. By not preparing the right way, it's hurting himself and more importantly, it's hurting the group. So he needs to do a better job in that area.'' LA Times

The Clippers had an entire offseason, everyone hyped about the return of Blake Griffin, a new coach and promise. So how does the team leader, who is getting paid $65 million and already coming off two disappointing seasons, explain why he shows up out of shape? "I don't know, man,'' says Davis, which is really a pretty telling answer. He then swears this is going to be his year. "I'm motivated; I'll run through a brick wall for this dude,'' he says of Del Negro, his way of reminding everyone he would never have done the same for Mike Dunleavy. LA Times

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