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Default Re: Here are the things Jordan are #1 all time at

Originally Posted by fpliii
Why does Wilt have a better case than Russell or Kareem in your opinion?

Not that I have a problem with your stance. Didn't get to watch any of the 4 at their peaks (started watching in 92-93), so all I can do is try and go back and watch as much tape as possible.
wilt didn't accumulate rings like those guys specifically because he had to deal with an 8-team league, where one of those teams was a literal dream team (7 HOF's) that held a monopoly on rings - wilt had to play the greatest team of all time (those celtics won 8 rings in a row).

when kareem came into the league, those celtics were long gone, and the league's talent was more diluted by more teams - each team was weaker on average than each team in the 8-team league had been, which enabled a player of kareem or wilt's stature to have a greater impact.

it's easy to underestimate how tough an 8-team league is.

imagine if today's NBA was made of the top 8 teams - For example, let's just say San Antonio, OKC, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Portland, Memphis, and Clippers.... that's it... and one of those teams - let's say OKC - had 7 HOF's on the team... it doesn't matter who you are, your ring total will be suppressed under this environment.... imagine having to play a 7 HOF, Thunder team 15 times per regular season..
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