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Default Disturbing game 4 stats

20 3pt shots, making 3 for 15% including 9 attempts by Rose. The irony was Korver was their best 3pt shooter and yet took only 2 making 1.
Deng was 1 of 5 from the 3pt area. Missed 9 of his 14 shots overall.
Rose only had 4 FT attempts
I should be happy with Noah's 14 rebs but he only had 7 defensive rebs.
Foster had 7 offensive rebs plus Hibbert had 4. Pacers missed a total of 48 shots so Noah's 7 is anemic esp by his standards.
Bogans only missed 1 shot in nearly 20 mins, but my problem was he was waaay too passive, forcing Rose to take a few bad shots.
2 turnovers committed by Watson yet he only played 4 minutes.
4 turnovers by Boozer, one bad 3pt shot, one foolish technical . Missed 9 of his 15 attempts. The irony was he had the best +/- stat of + 13.
Gibs missed all his 5 shots.
Noah was in constant foul trouble, Hibbert was efficient, scoring 16 pts for 12 shots.
Prior to this game, Joachim was shooting 35%, meaning he was missing 65% of his close ranged shots plus he was in foul trouble in 3 of 4 games.
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