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Default Re: College Player Watch

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
Top 10 shooting guards in the draft in my opinion:

Bradley Beal
Jeremy Lamb
Terrence Ross
Austin Rivers

Doron Lamb
Dion Waiters
Evan Fournier
William Buford
Will Barton
John Jenkins

I'd like for us to pick up one of these guys.

If we feel we may not retain Asik then I want Meyers Leonard or Fab Melo
The bolded guys are almost certainly going to be gone. I could see Rivers falling if he has bad measurements though. But I don't think he's really a shooting guard. He's more of an undersized combo to me.

I'd LOVE for Lamb to get to us, Hit 46% of his threes last year on 4 attempts! Insanely good.

I haven't seen much of Fournier he's the guy from France right? I know ESPN says he's more of a small forward because of his lack of shooting.

I haven't seen any of Buford either.

But as a big Memphis fan, I can tell you Barton is a pretty big project. He's got the heart and desire but he's 6'4 and weighs maybe 175. Terrific rebounder and midrange shooter though. Not a three point shooter though.

John Jenkins fades a bit in the clutch, not as much as his teammate Taylor but still.

And if we lose Asik(which we won't because we can match any team's offer) I'd really love for us to get Andrew Nicholson, hell I'd love to pick him up regardless!

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