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Default Re: When do "bandwagon" fans become regular fans?

Originally Posted by SpecialQue
A month or so ago the Lakers blew out some team on the road and were getting loud cheers. Kobe even got louder MVP chants than he gets at Staples. In the GT, someone here commented on all the "bandwagon Laker fans" there, but seriously, at this point, are they still bandwagon fans? After two 2nd round exits and a sub-500 record?

The overall question here is: when can someone no longer be considered a bandwagon fan?

You have been making the playoffs/finals for an extended time and spent no practically no time down the bottom of the table. I'd say you'd have to stick through a 2-3 year slump of being shit and not making the playoffs before calling yourself a real fan. Half of the Laker fans have only been watching the game since they have been winning rings, they haven't even seen the Lakers suck ass yet. Watch them jump ship as soon as they miss the playoffs a couple of years.
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