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Default Re: When do "bandwagon" fans become regular fans?

Originally Posted by TheMarkMadsen
Yes, advice from the sonics fan turned OKC fan who's ready to be a sonics fan again at the drop of a dime while still cheering for OKC is exactly the type of expertise that we need on this subject.

Anyways, as long as you stuck by them 100% through the bad times you're not a bandwagoner.

For instance fans that starting following the Lakers in 2000 & has stuck by the team ever since is someone I wouldn't consider a bandwagoner.

the HEAT fans from 06 who disappears for 5 years only to reappear after the decision are pretty shameless
How about those who gleefully cheered for the Cavaliers for seven years and now take great delight in every opportunity to talk about how bad the franchise was during that span?
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